Friday, 30 November 2007

Tempest Temptation

Tempest Disco has just sent us a new re edit of "Would you" by Touch N' Go, go check it out, its been ages since I listened to that song, good to know it isnt forgotten.

Touch and Go - Would you (go to bed with me)? - Tempest's um um um re-edit

Got a breakbeatelectroey long mix from Jason Pearce too to check out, always the man with the plan down here in Falmouth - check it.

"tis an example of a perhaps appealing to a broader audience for a cheesecore pub (but good venue) back home and so a couple of tunes i borrowed and ent mixed before

also, bout 45 mins in my chinese arrived and so treat the last 4/5 tunes as just playin u em ennit..

for those reasons iv dubbed it

The Chow Mein Mash Up/Cock Up"

Jason Pearce Myspace


Jori Hulkkonen has been crafting his magic again - with Chromeo's Bonafied lovin...

Stunning, cant say much more about it..

Buy it

Also, something else I hadnt heard before (how the fuck I breezed past this one i have NO idea.) Les Petits Pilous remix of Anglo Satellite's Big black Spider.

Will be getting some play, as soon as possible, from me at least.


Wednesday, 28 November 2007

goooood morning.

Ok so welcome to my music blog. Im Luke. First time blogging as well so sorry if its a bit shit.

Lets knuckle down to businessssssssss.

A few tracks that I've digged quite a lot this week have been on Shinichi Osawa's Myspace (yeah I had to copy and paste that...I'm shit at spelling.) Particularly "Dreamhunt" and "Detonator" I suggest checking it out, if you havent heard him before.

Tapedeck have just put out a new track this week on their myspace - apparently the first one they ever did, called "What diddy told you in 95" ..... well... its a bit different. Lets put it that way. Imagine someone keep changing the radio. But making it sound good. Reckon it would be good as a hidden track though...

If they are coming to a night near you soon, check them the hell out because they are fucking ace!

Tapedeck Myspace

Tapedeck - What diddy told you in 95 (ysi)

Finally, quick kooky video i've found that I really like.

A friend found it a while back, i knew the track before, just forgot what it was called.... you know when you have those minor epiphanies when you work out what song it is!

Anyway, here - Noze - Kitchen.

peace, till next time. L x